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Google Street View Integration

Google Street View adds another dimension to the interactiveness of your website's client property portfolio. With your audience being much more internet-savvy and able to see what facilities are available on the property portals, your website needs to have the same functionality they'd expect from those sites.

Google Street View comes as standard on all our templates. The only difference is the size of the interactive map, which changes with the different website packages. For more information on what is included in the different packages, please clck here to look at our comparison chart.

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More Interactive with Google Streetview

What do most prospective buyers do when they receive details that interest them? Look it up on Google maps most probably – and then on Google Street View. Google Street View is quietly revolutionising how purchasers assess the properties they are offered. What does the parking really look like, is the road busy, what are the neighbouring properties like? Street View gives them an indication in an instant, it’s increasingly how they sort their suitable properties from the also-rans.

So offering Street View direct from your site is increasingly important, buyers love the way it lets them take a virtual tour of the area where a property is located. And they love the way it allows them to explore neighbourhoods they may not have even considered – without leaving their sofa. They can see the schools, the shops, the parks and open spaces. An area they had once discounted can become their new favourite place to live.

It’s a tool buyers increasingly turn to and because it’s increasingly important you’ll find it in every site we build.