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Estate Agent Logo Design

Estate Pro has its own in-house team of Graphic Designers. If you are unhappy with your current branding and want it modernised or you are a new Estate Agency who is yet to complete their branding and need help please let us know. Our team are highly experienced in creating unique brands for companies including the logo, letterheads, complement slips, business cards, email signatures etc.

So if you need help why not speak to us today.

Call 033 33 447 300 (local call rate) and we will be happy to talk through any questions you might have or email us at [email protected]

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Need Help with a Complete Re-Brand?

Our Graphic Design Team know what makes a logo work, what makes it stand out from the crowd and really represent the values of your company and the way it does business. They work closely with you to develop an identity that's right for you – and that means going much further than just pictures and words – much further than just business cards and website headers.

Our Graphic Designers are all highly talented professionals who understand the psychology behind the creation of a logo or corporate identity. They know which typefaces are appealing, which colours inspire confidence and which graphic forms are able to cut through in a world full of visual communication.

They know how to design a logo that works equally well on a letterhead as it does on the side of a building.

Using a well thought through and proven process our Graphic Designers talk you through the subtleties of design and how to create an identity that works for multiple audiences and across many different forms of media to create a logo that is instantly recognisable and beautifully unique.

A logo is not a brand

A logo is not a brand, although it is part of it. Our sister company WebPro Creative are true Brand Gurus. They understand the value of a strong brand, how to create them and how to keep them strong. They can help you position yourself in the market so the advantages you have above your competitors become clear to your customers and prospective customers.

Nothing says more about your company than a strong and consistent Brand image – and it goes far beyond mere recognition or elegant design – done well it becomes a mark of trust, a visual contract between you and your audience that says all they need to know about your business. That makes it very powerful, and our Graphic Designers know how to harness that power.