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PPC For Estate Agents

Pay-Per-Click works, and it shows just where you’re money works best. But it can be difficult to get right and expensive to get wrong. Our PPC service delivers highly targeted customers straight to your website.

We know which keywords are worth bidding for, what strategies work best for estate agents and how to get the very best from your pay-per-click budget. We make sure you attract as little unwanted traffic as possible, and that your visitors are worth every penny you’ve paid for them.

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  • Know your market

    The better you know your market, the more effective PPC becomes. That means finding the most effective keywords for your market and tailoring your landing page content to suit. Relevance is key.

  • Review and refine

    You can’t know what you don’t know. Markets change; sometimes overnight, and any good PPC campaign must adapt to meet them. Regular reviews keep everything current and fresh – and your campaign performing.

  • Restructure Your Campaign

    From time to time you will need to restructure your PPC model or build a complete new PPC campaign due to changes in your products and services, market trends or because you are intending to, or have already, revamped your website. Website page links can change, pages can be removed and new pages / landing pages that have been added might need targeting etc. These types of major changes need to be reflected properly in your PPC marketing otherwise you potentially risk losing money.

  • Keep everything co-ordinated

    To get the very best results it’s often best to run several ‘grouped’ campaigns simultaneously – and that can make campaign management complex. It’s also why it’s vital performance is constantly checked – the best keywords can be expensive, co-ordinated campaigns make sure you get the best from them.

  • Review your ROI

    The fine-tuning of PPC campaigns can be as much an art as a science. That’s why experience is so valuable, even with today’s automated software. Keywords matched to broad-traffic type may show great results but drain your budget - it’s often precisely focused keyword optimisation based on experience that pays dividends.

  • Analyse the analytics

    Analytics tell you a lot; accurate interpretation tells you more. It’s the when, where, why, how, and how much that’s important, not the numbers. Our reporting service shows you what’s really behind the figures.


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