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SEO For Estate Agents

We’ve developed SEO strategies specifically for estate agents; we know search engine optimisation for property is different and that competition for those all-important rankings is fierce. Designed to deliver impressive SEO results quickly, our strategies work.

We know how Google ranks sites. We keep an eye on their latest changes and use techniques that they themselves approve. That means we’re working with the search engines, not against them, and that makes long-term rankings easier to sustain and more reliable.

Here’s how we do it...

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  • Initial SEO Report

    We’ll look at your specific market, your specific clients, and how they behave. We’ll analyse the words they search on and the phrases they use, creating an estate agent SEO strategy that gets you high in the search engines that matter to you. And we’ll look at the costs too – it’s not always the most obvious, most expensive search terms that get results.

  • SEO Optimisation

    We’ll focus on optimising your actual website. What keywords should be included? Are technical tweaks needed? Will altering that line of code make a difference? Our experts know when it’s worth changing your Meta tags and when it’s worth leaving well alone...

    We’ll look at establishing sustainable local links, whether bespoke content and blogs can help and, of course, set up Google Places so it works best for you.

  • Review

    We step back and review what’s worked and what’s not worked so well. By now we’ll have a host of data to analyse – and a real insight into how things are performing.

    We’ll prepare an analytical report that shows how well each search term and each SEO tweak has performed and how you now measure up to the competition. And if changes are needed, we’ll make them.

  • Enhanced Optimisation

    For clients who want the highest levels of search engine optimisation, we can build on steps one to three, building local links, suggesting and generating content, everything it takes to match your rankings to your business objectives.

Get started today.

Only £195 plus VAT You can start optimising your results today. Just commission your report.