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There’s nothing more impressive than a beautiful property beautifully presented. A slideshow on your Home Page not only highlights featured content, it draws visitors in – little wonder they’re so popular with Estate Agents.

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Website Slideshow

Our slideshows have been developed and tested on all devices from all manufacturers, Android phones to Apple iPads – and of course, they look stunning on all popular website browsers.

Easy to set-up and easily changed in moments to keep everything up-to-date, they give you every opportunity to make a real and lasting impression the moment a visitor lands.

Our slideshows are real attention grabbers, drawing customers into your site and quickly displaying the properties you have to offer. An unrivalled way of displaying featured properties they make the best possible use of your photographic assets. A great aspirational tool as your customers will be shown properties they may not normally consider in areas they do not yet know, increasing the chances of a sale and widening your customer base.

Vendors visiting your site will be impressed by the range and breadth of properties you offer and reassured that you have the skills and organisation needed to sell their property.

The power of Slideshows lies in their ability to show potential purchasers many properties in a short time and in limited amount of space. Movement and transitions naturally draw the eye, capturing the viewer’s attention and enticing them to see more – and to stay on your site longer.

Our Estate Agent slideshows work smoothly and effectively on almost all devices, mobile as well as desktop and so they are an effective way of displaying feature properties to prospective buyers whist they are on the move – a great introduction to any site, our slideshows can change constantly, bringing interest and dynamism that every successful website needs.

Technical Features

  • Works perfectly on all browsers
  • Floating and smooth cross-fade transitions
  • Responsive - smoothly adapts to any browser resolutions and device screens
  • Mobile-ready - optimised for Android and iOS devices
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Unobtrusive - even without Javascript, the images are still accessible

Request A Call Back


Dear Anton,

I am writing to let you know how impressed I have been with the website that you designed for us. It has been in place for quite a while now and we have continued to grow our market share in all branches over this period. As we know websites are our window to the world and it is very important to project an image commensurate with the company’s fibre.

The site you designed has done exactly what we needed it to do, which is largely to provide a landing site for potential clients to find out more about us and to see if it’s where they would like to see their property displayed. Additionally it provides a very intuitive search function and is extremely easy to find your way around providing us with regular leads from potential buyers, clients and renters.

During the development you were always easy to deal with and took into account our needs as well as making recommendations at the appropriate times.

I would be quite happy for you to forward this to any other potential customers and they are welcome to contact me for any reference.

I look forward to the next round of web development.

With kind regards

Lyndon Le Boutillier - DirectorHearnes Estate Agents

We have been using Estate Pro for 8 years now and have not only enjoyed working with the software but also with the team at Web Pro. The software meets all our needs, and has made the running of our two offices work seamlessly together. But what we really like is how they have tailored parts of the program specifically for us, as well as the website, which we have received excellent feedback from our customers. The team at Web Pro have always been really helpful and approachable making our working relationship, for all our staff excellent, which is why we have been working with them for so long. I should imagine it’s a relationship that will continue for many years to come and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Ben Waterer - DirectorWalker & Waterer Independent Estate Agents

We started using this Company in 2010 and found their service and professionalism has been excellent.

We were let down by our previous provider and we chose Estate Pro to provide us with a new website as well as backroom software to run our business. During this time we have had very few issues and any that have been received have been dealt with very efficiently.

I therefore have no hesitation  in recommending Estate Pro.

Gary Deverell FNAEAChequers Estate Agents

Thanks to the guys at Estate Pro for designing and integrating our new web site. We wanted something that looked clean, fresh and simple to use and that is what has been delivered. The process from original idea to a draft design did not take long but as anyone who has worked on a web site will know, it’s the minor changes and details thereafter, that are taken for granted. Everything we asked for, you found a solution to. Great work and thanks again.

Wai Kong Yau - PartnerColin Ellis Property Services