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Mortgage Best Buy Tables

Mortgage best buy tables

Would you like to position yourself as a prominently credible and professional estate agent to your website visitors? Would you like to make them feel comfortable about choosing you because you can provide clear, up-to-the-minute solutions?

Perhaps you feel that you’d like to offer potential estate agency clients something that your closest competitors don’t? To show them that you are a leading estate agent that cares and likes to add value where possible? And would you like to do all of this quickly and easily without having to use costly resources?

If this sounds like you, we have just the thing!

Who is it for?

Best buy tables can help any of your estate agency website visitors interested in finding out more about, or applying for, a mortgage. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll find what they’re looking for, or that they’ll be accepted by a lender if they do. They’ll need to satisfy the relevant criteria first.

They are about the initial research. About getting a feel for what the market is like; and what to expect. Users will see the top ten most suitable options based on the information they’ve given. Tables can help first time buyers, those looking for buy to let deals, purchasers, those remortgaging, and so on.

As an estate agent, we know you know your times tables. Did you also know it’s time for a best buy table?

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    Adding mortgage best buy tables can add real value to your estate agency website and place you ahead of the competition.

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