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Radius Search

Radius Search

Imagine enabling your estate agency website visitors to draw a circle on a map to bring up all the available properties within that radius? Well, it is possible when you opt for professional estate agency website created by WEBPRO Estate.

Radius search integration is one of many ways we change regular web design and development into web design and development specifically for estate agency businesses. Uncover more about our radius search function here, or reach out to our team for a chat about your business website vision.

Making your estate agency website interactive

Aside from the increased property search accuracy, this new method of searching for properties enhances your website’s visuals and interactive aspects. You provide a modern property search experience that is more fun and even somewhat gamified.

Your website users will be more likely to stay on your site for longer to look for properties when you allow them to physically draw their search radius to discover their next home. It saves them typing, clicking from dropdowns and most importantly – saves time!

Empower your website visitors with radius search capabilities. Discover more by getting in touch, now!

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We have used Web Pro for over 10 years now, for our CRM software, website and emails. Their customer service has always been excellent, and would highly recommend them.

Ben Waterer
Walker & Waterer Ltd


  • Content Management System

    Want to make small changes to your own website? WEBPRO Estate's CMS can make that happen.

  • Property Data Integration

    We can integrate your existing property management software with your brand new website so you don't need to make any changes to your existing processes.

  • Property Alerts

    Automatically send relevant property alerts to interested buyers and drive traffic to your website with WEBPRO Estate.

  • Google Street View

    Give buyers what they are looking for by integrating Google Street View into your property listings.

  • Radius Search

    WEBPRO Estate allows buyers to search for properties within a specific radius, giving more personalised results.

  • Save Property Portfolio

    Allow buyers to create their own property portfolio to keep them coming back to your website.

Radius search is a turnkey solution for a
potentially dull and basic estate agency website.
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