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Property Alerts

Allow your website visitors to create email alerts of any new client properties added to your website that match their criteria. Estate Pro websites produce nicely formated HTML email alerts to keep these visitors up to date of any changes to your properties register that might interest them. Property alerts of course drive traffic back to your website, helping you keep your clients' properties marketed to potential buyers at all times.

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Be seen by more people more often

Finding a new home can be a tough job, and constantly searching for that perfect property match is something your customers find time consuming. Our Property alerts send buyers new property instructions as they arrive, matched to criteria they set so they need never miss a thing.

Not only that, our property alerts keep your firm in their mind, with the kind of pertinent, relevant information, that builds trust and – ultimately – makes sales.

The moment a property appears onto your website, our property alerts match it to your client base and automatically send a pre-formatted message to their email address, it’s quick, needs no administration and means more properties are seen by more people more often. We’ll even send you a daily report so you know which properties have been matched to which people – so you can decide which might benefit from a follow up call.

Property Alerts increase Website sign ups

Under most circumstances, most visitors to property websites don’t register, they browse the properties and leave. Yet offer them the opportunity to receive alerts based on criteria they’ve selected and most will happily supply their name and address. That makes property alerts one of the most effective ways of building lists and growing your client base. Even the most cursory of browsers will one day become a buyer or a seller – and with Property Alerts not only will you have their details on file, your name will already be uppermost in their mind.

Keeping your list clean

Our Property Alerts automatically detects when applicants become dormant – and automatically sends them an “are you still looking” email. That means your lists are always up-to-date and always relevant.