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Property Alerts

Property Alerts

Our skilled WEBPRO Estate developers can add property alerts to your estate agency website for a host of benefits.

Any website visitor looking to rent or buy a property will be able to create alerts for the type of properties they’re looking for in set locations and within budget. This won’t just provide convenience to those in the market, but it will also help your business find renters and buyers quickly to satisfy clients.

If you want an estate agency website that gets results, you want a WEBPRO Estate website. Speak with our team directly to ask about all of our estate agency web design functions.

Property alerts supercharge website traffic

Property alerts have some hidden benefits to your estate agency business. By automatically sending out these emails, the people receiving them typically click the links in the email to view the properties suggested. This sends them back to your website and increases overall website traffic, which is great for your SEO, reputation and online visibility.

These website visitors may then spend more time on your site, checking out properties manually, reading your latest blog posts and more.

Property alerts transform generic website design into estate agency web design. Contact our team for more.

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Thanks to the guys at Web Pro Creative for designing and integrating our new web site. We wanted something that looked clean, fresh and simple to use and that is what has been delivered. The process from original idea to a draft design did not take long but as anyone who has worked on a web site will know, it’s the minor changes and details thereafter, that are taken for granted. Everything we asked for, you found a solution to. Great work and thanks again.

Wai Kong Yau
Colin Ellis Property Services


  • Content Management System

    Want to make small changes to your own website? WEBPRO Estate's CMS can make that happen.

  • Property Data Integration

    We can integrate your existing property management software with your brand new website so you don't need to make any changes to your existing processes.

  • Property Alerts

    Automatically send relevant property alerts to interested buyers and drive traffic to your website with WEBPRO Estate.

  • Google Street View

    Give buyers what they are looking for by integrating Google Street View into your property listings.

  • Radius Search

    WEBPRO Estate allows buyers to search for properties within a specific radius, giving more personalised results.

  • Save Property Portfolio

    Allow buyers to create their own property portfolio to keep them coming back to your website.

Everything you need for a professional
estate agency website is here under one roof.
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