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Property Data Integration

Estate Pro websites seamlessly link up with your preferred software supplier and update your client properties on your website without any need for you to get involved. This automated process runs quietly in the background keeping your website up to date. If we currently do not have a feed for your back office software we can develop it.

We totally elimate the need for any manual uploading.

For more information please scroll down or call 033 33 447 300 (local call rate) and we will be happy to talk through any questions you might have or email us at [email protected]

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Integrates easily with your Estate Agency Management software

We know that you may well use existing software and systems to manage the running of your Estate Agency – we’re not about to ask you to change this.

All our website templates have been designed to work with the property feeds provided by the major back office Estate Agency software packages, please see the list below. We already have a track record in integrating property feeds into our Estate Agency websites making everything run smoothly.

Synchronises your website

Changes are detected automatically as you make them and then are uploaded to your website – so all information is correct and current.

Uploads Photos PDFs and floorplans

All the media associated with each property is detected and automatically uploaded, changes only need to be made once so accuracy is increased and administration cut to a minimum.

Nothing to press, nothing to remember

Because everything is automated nothing is left to chance – and everything happens in the background with no need to worry.

Software we work with

Our experienced development team can integrate our estate agency websites with any software supplier's systems. The back office software list below is not an exhaustive list and if your software provider is not listed please just give us a call on 033 33 447 300.

software we work with
Vebra AltoVebra SolexVebra LiveVebra EstatecraftCFP Premise
CFP Premise PlatinumGMW(M1,M2,Orange)JupixDezrezRezi
UniversalEncore 32Encore LiveReapitExpert Agent
CarlLetmcKey-DataCfp Winman (Adb,Sdb)Rentman
Any Rightmove V3 FeedOn The MarketZooplaTeamHomeflow
Property LabPC Homes EstatesITProperty ProPropcoEurolink Veco