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Social Media

It seems as though social media is everywhere you look, doesn’t it? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – the list just keeps growing.

The thing is, it really is everywhere and it shows no signs of going anywhere. For estate agency businesses, there is no doubt that social media spells opportunity. By giving relevant information to anyone who may have an interest in your property products, services or indeed, industry – by way of topical news, company stories, statistics, humour, for example – you can easily attract favourable attention and subsequently, more business.

We believe that in order to get the most from your social networking, you need to identify what you want to achieve. We need to get to a place where we know what changes you need to make in order to achieve the change in results you require.

Our team of social media experts can give you guidance and recommendations to help you get the most from your social networking endeavours; or they can take care of your entire social media marketing strategy.


Management Services

WEBPRO Estate have the resources to take care of all your social media management needs. When putting together a social media marketing strategy, we start by identifying who it is you need to target; this brings us on to which platforms are going to be the most suitable. We then consider when to post or message. Whilst we are aware of the general consensus around the best times to share content, we look more specifically at who you are aiming to connect with and the media you are using. We schedule posts and are careful to measure their success, making changes to the schedule if we feel it’s necessary. We then look at how to effectively promote your estate agency business.

Social media costing you precious time? No worries. Maximise your opportunities in a fraction of the time with WEBPRO Estate.

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We were extremely pleased with the build of our website. Web Pro listened to our requirements and were very flexible. We are in the process of updating the site further and are very confident that Web Pro will continue to give the high standard of service we have always received from them.

Jessica Hartnell
Caldwells Estate Agents


  • SEO

    If you would like to improve your rankings, we are able to use social media practices to effectively do just this. We can develop your SEO using your social accounts.

  • AdWords

    If you would like to amalgamate your AdWords and social media strategies, we can help. Benefit from our team's knowledge and make AdWords work for you.

  • Branding

    Are you looking to build your brand on social media? Our creative team are able to assist in creating a comprehensive social media branding strategy. Get in touch for more details.

  • Content

    If you would like to make better use of social media yet you’re unsure of what to say, let our professional writing team help. Our team tailor posts to suit the site they will appear on.

  • Website Design

    As our talented designers work on your website, they will automatically give thought to how specific social media sites can work for, or be linked to, your own. 

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Are you keen to find out the impact social media has on your business? Track website traffic so that you can make informed choices when it comes to setting marketing budgets.

  • Blogging

    Do you have news you would like to share? Our writing professionals can help you by creating your blogs; we then link them to appropriate social media sites for maximum coverage.

  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing

    Are you considering an email marketing campaign? Our expert teams can assist you, from guidance on targeting to the design of the email to the delivery.

  • Graphic Design

    For graphic design that enhances your social media campaigns, posts and messages, our creative team can help. Our designers know what works when it comes to social media.

The WEBPRO Estate team can help make the net work for you.
Start networking today by making contact with us.

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